10 Reasons to choose North East Martial Arts...

1. You're in safe hands

Faye is a fully qualified black belt with DBS, public liability insurance and first aid qualifications.  

2. No licence fees

Most martial arts clubs charge students annual licence and affiliation fees. We do not.  

3. No dungeon dojo attitude

We take our training seriously but we don't take ourselves too seriously. No one will kick you out for turning up two minutes late or give you hundreds of push ups for forgetting to bow. Clubs like that are our there and we pride ourselves on being different.

4. Epic water fights!

Yes, you read that correctly. Our annual summer bootcamp always ends with a huge water fight and is a guarenteed way to tire out even the most energetic of us.

5. Age appropriate classes

Dividing our classes by age means that we can deliver training exercises and martial arts drills that are appropriate for your age group. That being said; we still play the odd game of tag in the adults classes!

6. Training videos

We might not be the next Martin Scorsese but we try. We've made a series of training videos for our members area of the website meaning that students can continue to study or train even when they're not at class.

7. Knowledge base

As a former member of the England Taekwon-Do team with a first class BSc. in Sport and Excerise Development, Faye brings a wealth of knowledge from technique, periodization, warm up and stretching to varied training tools and exciting sparring drills.

8. Annual awards

We like to acknowledge the hard work that everyone puts in over the year. Every December we congratulate our new black belts, crown the Students of the Year, recap what has been achieved, eat, drink and be merry.

9. Tournament time

We run various in house tournements to raise money for new equipment. These are a relaxed and fun way to test your skills in a safe environment. We run individual events as well as team events. The tag team tournement was a big hit with everyone who took part.

10. Good role models

There are an abundance of badly behaved footballers and barely dressed reality tv stars dominating our celebrity culture. Nothing makes me happier than the positive messages we recieve from parents about how our black belts serve as excellent role models to their children.