Student Goals 2018

Not on the list? Email or text your 2018 goal to Faye.

Archbishop Runcie:

Belle: Blue Stripe

Violet: Orange Stripe

Owen: Improve fitness and walking stances

Henry: Yellow Belt

Isaac: Yellow Belt

Leo R: Saju Jirugi

Jade: Red belt and compete

Broadway East:

Ted: Orange Stripe and improve crescent kicks

Rayan: Purple Stripe and stronger kicks

Isobel: Purple Stripe and Saju Jirugi

Lucas: Purple Stripe and stonger front snap kicks

Annabelle: Orange Stripe

Sophia: Orange Stripe

Nyle: Orange Stripe

Miles: Improve left side and kick higher

Reuban: Strong punches

Thomas: Red Stripe, improve middle blocks, improve concentration


Daisy: Head high kicks

Ruri: 2nd dan patterns

Zach: Blue Stripe, try sparring

Sara: Black Belt. Kick Ruri in the head!

Kerry: Black stripe. Flexibility

Ying: Great North Run, Green belt

Erin: Blue Stripe

Grace: Side splits

Will: Blue Stripe

Kai: 3000 star jumps, Blue Belt

Benji: Blue Belt

Deanna: Blue Belt, splits

Callum: More stamina and speed

Sam: 1st dan patterns

Toni: Win BOTBB, stronger left side, Blue Belt in KKB

Mayah: Green Stripe

Sarrah: Green Stripe

Yasmin: Red Belt

Freya: Yellow Belt and splits

Amanda: 10 full push ups

Aimee: Red Belt, theory

Leah: Red Belt, theory, 3 way splits, 3 pnt kick in a tournament

Stu: Blue Belt


Charlotte: Blue Stripe, improve left side

Chloe: Use breath control in patterns

Sophie: Red Belt


Joseph: Blue Stripe

Yubi: Purple Stripe

Leo B: Learn Saju Jirugi, Yellow Stripe

Alba: Red Stripe

Rowan: Orange Stripe

Quanwren: Red Stripe

Ethan: Yellow Stripe

Ved: Blue Belt

Ahmed: Black Stripe

Conor: Yellow Belt

Nuhar: Red Stripe

Ralf: Blue Stripe

Kasim: Black Stripe

Sofia: Be more powerful

Lara: Red Stripe

Nico: Black Stripe

Holly S: Black Stripe

Sophie S: Learn Won Hyo

Wilf: Blue Stripe

Nicolas: Yellow Stripe

Zaki: 360 spin kicks


Tom B: Black Belt

Emil: Red Stripe, remember to tie hair back

Joe C: Red Belt

Jack D: Blue Stripe, help mum learn Do San

Ella: Blue Stripe

Katie: Red Belt, enjoy the tournament

Leo D: Red Belt

Yann: Black Stripe, Sally Up push ups

Mengze: Learn Won Hyo

Tom P: Black Belt

Jake: Student of the year, Black Stripe, Take part in an open tournament

Ines: Yellow Belt

Faye: Splits

West Jesmond:

Sephie: 300 punches in one go

Jude: Work on fitness, remember to wear dobok

Spyridon: Less interupting. Learn Saju Jirugi

Dan H: Green Belt

Chalida: Help JJ get yellow stripe

Thomas R: Blue Belt

Stephen S: Green Belt, concentrate on posture

Narissa: Blue Belt and improve sparring

Dan W: Use time before class more wisely

Maiya: Yellow Stripe

Kayden: Good listening

Grace H: Orange Stripe

Minato: Yellow Belt and kick high

Freddie: Yellow Belt

Eli: Red Stripe

Noah: Yellow Belt

AJ: Learn Chon Ji, Yellow Belt

JJ: Yellow Stripe

Tanida: Green Stripe

Isabella: Yellow Stripe

Sachi: Good courtesy

Serenna: Stronger blocks

Elisa: Orange Stripe

Milo: Red Stripe

Oscar: Red Stripe, stay focused in technical training