Home Burpee Workout

Tuesday, 28 December 2021 20:18

It's hard to get bored of burpees! There are tonnes of variations, they require no equipment, and they work the entire body. As well as hitting all the major muscle groups, burpees improve balance, cardio and perseverance. 

Set your timer for 25 rounds of 30s of work and 15s rest. 

You can complete these rounds in any order you like, but every 5th round is regular burpees.


R1-4: Any four from the list 

R5: Regular burpees 

R6-9: Any four from the list 

R10: Regular burpees 

R11-14: Any four from the list 

R15: Regular burpees 

R16-19: Any four from the list 

R20: Regular burpees 

R21-24: Any four from the list 

R25: Regular burpees


  • Squat thrusts 
  • Double bottom burpees 
  • Kick throughs Kick through burpees 
  • Scorpion tap push-ups 
  • Burpee push-up with two scorpion taps 
  • Tiger push-up plank-jack 
  • Burpees with tiger push-up and plank jack 
  • Push-ups 
  • Push-up burpees 
  • Jump lunges 
  • Burpee, lunge, lunge, squat 
  • Toe taps 
  • Burpee with two toe taps 
  • Walk out push-ups 
  • Burpee with walkout push-ups 
  • Close squat on toes 
  • Burpees without putting the heels down 
  • Hot feet Burpee with mini sprint