Celebrating Our Newest Black Belts

Wednesday, 31 January 2024 13:59

We are thrilled to announce the addition of five exceptional martial artists to our black belt ranks. This achievement is a show of skill, dedication and spirit. Let's celebrate their journey and accomplishments!


Emil has been a part of our taekwon-do family since he was a shy, young boy. Witnessing his transformation into a strong, confident man fills us with immense pride. His consistent, frequent attendance put him in good stead for the demands of a black belt grading and he gave it his all in the sparring test. Congratulations, Emil, on this well-deserved achievement!


Freddie, one of our young teenagers, has been an inspiration, not only to his peers but also to his younger brother. Overcoming his fears, he has emerged passionate and enthusiastic in sparring. He reminds us that courage and determination can turn apprehension into triumph. Well done, Freddie!


Chloe's journey in taekwon-do, starting alongside her big brother in Ponteland before joining us at Sandyford, is a tale of quiet confidence. She taught a brilliant, full-filled junior class as part of her grading, leading the next generation. Congratulations on your black belt, Chloe!


Jamie is the first of our taekwon-do dads to reach the amazing achievement of black belt. His child, Charlie recieved their black belt during lockdown. Having a parent and child black belt duo in the club holds a special place in my heart, echoing my own journey with my dad. Known for his incredible energy and commitment, Jamie has set a high standard in our club. His impressive fitness made the sparring grading seem effortless. Congratulations, Jamie, on joining us in the black belt ranks!


Nouha's journey to becoming a black belt and achieving the bronze award – a first for an under-18 in our club – is a story of courage and skill. Excelling in patterns and technique from a young age, she overcame her fears of sparring to reach new heights. Nouha, you're an inspiration to many young women in our club and beyond. Keep it up, and congratulations. 

These five martial artists exemplify the true spirit of taekwon-do – physical prowess, mental strength, and emotional resilience. Remember that the journey to black belt is as much about personal growth as it is about martial arts skills. Let's give a hearty congratulations to Emil, Freddie, Chloe, Jamie, and Nouha for their outstanding achievements.

Keep training, keep growing, and remember, the journey never ends!