Spring Grading Results

Thursday, 28 March 2024 13:28

Congratulations to everyone who was successful at the Spring Gradings:

Promoted to purple stripe: Ariana, Avyansh, Grace, Heidi, Isaac, Milo, Samuel.

Promoted to red stripe: Ben, Jiana, Thomas, Emma, Emmaline.

Promoted to orange stripe: Tri Ho, Ruairidh.

Promoted to yellow stripe: Jacob, Alfie, Edward, Ty, Sarah.

Promoted to yellow belt: Zara, Suika, Percy, Niamh.

Promoted to green stripe: Kit, Lewis, Hugo, Cian, Ethan, Elijah, Ella.

Promoted to green belt: William, Alfred, Poppy, Isaac, Harrison, Benjamin.

Promoted to blue stripe: Kate, Florence, Alba.

Promoted to blue belt: Aashi, Khushi, Rowan, Craig, Chloe.

Promoted to red stripe: Narissa.

Promoted to red belt: Rose, Emily.