Ages 4 - 7. The Little Lions syllabus includes many of the basic taekwon-do blocks, strikes and kicks. We practice line work and pad work and sometimes work with a partner or in small groups to put our skills into action. We don't do any contact sparring at this age but we practice all the skills we will need for when we are older.

At Little Lions we learn about courtesy and how to show it to others. We understand what integrity means and always display it. We believe in perseverance and a never give up attitude. We learn self control so that we can work and play safely with others.


Ages 8-15. Taekwon-do is the world's most popular martial art. There are various forms of taekwon-do and the one we teach is dynamic, fun and suitable for complete beginners.

We expect students who have been with us for a while to develop leadership skills, be welcoming and set a good example to new members.

We strive to develop a culture of hard work, perseverance and support. The young black belts in our club are always helping others to achieve their goals and, under the supervision of instructors, develop communication skills by leading small groups and delivering warm-ups. Classes include lots of games as well as line work, fitness and hitting kick pads. 


Ages 16 +. Taekwon-do requires a lot of mental concentration, as a result, when you are at taekwon-do you won't be thinking about what a hard day you have had at work or home. When you kick the pads the stress will flow out of you and at the end of a tough training session you will feel transformed.

Taekwon-do is great for developing a lean, flexible body. The techniques we perform strengthen the muscles, increase range of motion and build a strong core. 

We also like to have a good laugh at taekwon-do and are always up for a night out or a trip to the local after class.